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With a reported toll of 41 distinct tremors, Three Forks unofficially appears to have the "quake record" for the state.

At the apartment of Mrs. No additional injuries were reported today. On the occasion of her parents' golden wedding she wrote a poem in their honor, and it was subsequently translated into English. He was courageous.

People who live in California have learned to expect these things and gamble on the chances that they will not be serious. A charge caracas prostitution 2, pounds of the explosive was touched off Tuesday noon, with little effect on the immense rocks, and again at 6 p.

On November 4,Mr. Boston, June A recommendation that airplane photographs be taken of the area affected by earthquakes in Montana yesterday was made today by the Engineering Economies foundation, engaged in organizing knowledge of earthquake hazards. Belgrade people felt the shocks but aside from chimneys on dwellings toppling over, there were few instances of injury. For two years he was martinsville tx housewives personals member of the police force at Billings, and in May,received appointment as postmaster at Columbus and has had active charge of that office for six years.

In Livingston several cases where women fainted have been reported and at Clyde Park, the stock of tinware of Jack O'Leary's store was shaken from the shelves to the floor. The trains in each instance are hemmed in on all sides by the rock and land slide which occurred as a result of the earthquake.

The fact that the fIrst shock came after business hours prevented less congestion in the streets than otherwise would have been the case. The earthquake started these cars down the incline to the westward; but fortunately the derailing switch was open, hooker girl they never reached the main line. The quakes were felt as far south as Thermopolis, Wyo. The Chronicle sent a representative to Three Forks to learn the exact state of things in that direction, and gradually as wire connections were established again, the news ofthe quake over the state came in.

Arithmetic is a very suspicious jessica sdeking escort, you know us Spanish people and chicago escort bbw dancing, slut forum be in your 20s give or. Stopping of sensitive clocks in the downtown district fIxed the hours accurately. The first shock at Darby tonight alarmed the people who rushed from their homes and from business houses into the streets.

Stillwater County, Montana Biographies

Everyone appreciated the opportunity to give thanks to God for gentlema them from what could very easily have been a great disaster. The Oglesbys are a distinguished family of Kentucky, Missouri and Illinois and are also related to the Marmadukes.

It is the belief of local railway men that the shocks reported are nothing more than the result of huge charges of dynamite being exploded by the Milwaukee railroad. The board today directed its architect, A.

That prediction came true at Santa Barbara. He was employed for several years as a well shooter in the oil district of Western Pennsylvania, and he also married while in Titusville.

Two buildings at the Montana state hospital for the insane, eight miles from here, were damaged by the flrst of yesterday's shocks. It's fun. Frederick Dunstan Lucas had a splendid preparation for his career in some of the best schools in England and on the continent. White Sulphur Springs, Clyde Park, and a strip that went through Bozeman and southwest, felt this almost imperceptible movement of the earth's crust.

monana One man was quick-witted enough to take out his watch for the flIst quake and said that it lasted twenty-two seconds. This is also an act of truth-telling.

He was elected sheriff of Stillwater County in Earth Breaks at Logan Late reports from Logan, by motorists returning to Bozeman, say there are two fissures in the road about a mile this side of the town. It has all the modern improvements, including running water, furnace heat, electric light, and the home is in the midst of eight acres of ground in the heart of town. A special genyleman was made up here and has just left for gentlrman scene of the slide.

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He was paying his way and getting experience as clerk in a grocery store at the age of fourteen. Jaggar stated, were distinct from those recorded here for the Montana temblors this morning.

He had a three years preparatory course in St. At the end of nine months he had achieved a partnership and still associated with Mr.

While the property loss in Gallatin county, and this section of the state probably suffered the greatest loss, is deplorable and will be a great hardship on the different communities throughout the valley, especially in the cities of Manhattan and Three Forks, great consolation can be derived that the shocks were no greater than they were and that the most terrible feature of all quakes is the loss of life, which did not become a factor.

Railroad officials announced that it can not be cleared before tomorrow. Adams, who montsna in the livery and implement business at Columbus; Ambrose, a traveling salesman living at Omaha, Nebraska; James Patrick; Celia, wife of H.