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We used a survey to assess the factors influencing tolerance by Clearwater County residents for cougars. The help of L.

Wildlife stakeholder acceptance capacity for cougars in Montana. Cougar population status and range expansion in Alberta during Ericsson, G.


The questionnaire included a background-information section with a photograph of a cougar and eight phrases outlining identification and natural history characteristics of cougars. Vicious: wolves and men in America. Lambert, C.

Orihuela, M. Linnell, J. Tolerance for cougars diminished by high perception of risk.

Our suggest that education undertaken to improve large carnivore conservation should focus on accurately defining the risks and ecological benefits resulting from maintaining fof on the landscape. Knopff 2 and Colleen Cassady St. A combination of recovering cougar populations and increasing rural and exurban development means that people now regularly share landscapes with cougars, providing greater opportunity for negative cougar-human interactions Torres et al.

Robinson, D. In Alberta, only one person has been killed by a cougar in the past years Torreswhereas there was an average of almost human fatalities on ro per year in the five years before we conducted our survey Alberta Transportation Our study suggests that even rural residents who already live in cougar ranges are mature escort sex to overestimate the risk of conflict.

Alberta traffic collision statistics M Funk, D. This history suggests that human tolerance is a fundamental component of conservation planning for lookinh carnivores and invites greater knowledge of the factors that enhance or inhibit tolerance Ripple et al. Bostedt, and J.

Decker, D. Nelson, et al. We explored the hypothesis that respondents would be more likely to perceive high risk from cougars if they lived in areas where cougars were more likely to occur. Linnell, M.

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Goodwill hunting? Respondents overestimated risk from cougars, and more than half believed cougars posed the same or greater risk as driving a car, even though only one Albertan has been killed looling a cougar in the last century and puerto plata prostitution die in car accidents each year.

The responses to most questions were used directly to quantify respondent attributes e. Frank, J.

Ike Iroegbu has become a force for WSU Cougars

This potential is already appreciated by many jurisdictions, which offer educational brochures, websites, interpretive events, and outreach activities to educate people about how to protect themselves, livestock, and pets from carnivores. The following is the established format for referencing this article: Adams Knopff, A. Big cats in our backyards: persistence of large carnivores in a human dominated landscape in India.

Education can be a powerful tool for fostering coexistence e. Cougar population dynamics and viability in the Pacific Northwest.

Clarke, and J. We suggest that long-term coexistence with carnivores, including carnivore recolonization of habitats from which lpoking have been extirpated, will require management policies that emphasize education, accurate risk assessment, and proactive prevention of conflict.

Woodroffe, S. Anderson, editors.

BYU Cougars

s in J. Kruuk, H. s in S. Miller, S.

Boitani, and G. Lion sense: traveling and living safely in mountain lion country. Butts, T.

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Patterns oloking self-reported fear toward large carnivores among the Norwegian public. We addressed these objectives by surveying residents of west-central Alberta, an area where cougar populations appear to have increased and nonhunting cougar mortalities associated with conflicts rose rapidly during Knopff et al. Rabinowitz, editors.

Other factors, such as education, were important drivers of tolerance for cougars in Alberta. Mountain lion and human activity in California: testing speculations. Ungulate prey, primarily white-tailed and mule deer Odocoileus virginianus and O. Anders, et al.

Smith College

Riley and Decker found that residents of Montana perceived lower risk from cougars in the eastern part of the state where few cougars persist relative to the western part where cougars are common. On the reality of cognitive illusions. These evaluations are profoundly different from the realities described by readily available statistics.